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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Sleep Disorders Center located?

The Permian Sleep Center is located at 600 N. Washington Avenue, intersection of Washington Ave. and 6th Street in Odessa.  (See Map)


What does a sleep study involve?

You will arrive at Permian Sleep Center at your scheduled time. Please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled time because no one will be available to receive you. 

You will spend the night in the lab and be discharged at approximately 7:00 A.M. on the following morning. You may request
an earlier wake up if you need to leave prior to 7:00 A.M. 

The test is attended by technicians who will be in the control area all night. 

Your room will be private with attached bathroom, shower and queen size bed. The furnishing  and decor of the rooms are like bedrooms rather than hospital rooms. Your room is however, visually and sound monitored throughout the night. You will have a number of wires and test devices applied to your head and body before you go to bed. Once the hookup is finished, all of the wires will be secured into a "pony tail" at the back of your head and plugged into the test equipment. There is enough slack in the wires to allow you to turn from side to side or even to sit up at the bed side. All of the wires and devices will be removed in the morning and you will be free to leave. Sleep rooms are equipped with attached bathrooms and shower rooms for your convenience. This will enable you to take a shower and go to work if you choose to do so.

CPAP: (Continuous positive airway pressure) may be used during your test. CPAP is a device that delivers a gentle flow of air into a nose mask that you will be wearing. The airflow is strong enough to keep your airway from becoming obstructed but gentle enough not to disturb your sleep.

Will I be able to take bathroom trips or get out of bed during the night?

You can take as many trips to the bathroom as needed or you can get up for any other reason by calling your technician. There is also a call cord that can be pushed to alert the technicians that you need assistance.

How should I prepare for my sleep study and what should I bring to the lab on the night of my test?

You should avoid naps on the day of your sleep study. You should also avoid caffeine after 12:00 noon on the day of your sleep study. Please bring with you any medication that you are scheduled to take during the hours that you will be in the lab. It is also recommended that you bring any medication that you feel may be needed during the night. (E.g. Aspirin, antacids, nasal spray). You should shower and wash your hair just prior to coming to the lab. Please avoid hair spray, gels, oils, and facial or body creams. Bring comfortable two-piece sleeping clothes made of cotton. (This can be pajamas, shorts and T-shirt, etc.) You may bring a pillow from home if you like. You should bring any personal toiletries that you may need in the morning, (E.g. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste/brush, and comb/brush). You also will need all insurance cards and a picture ID when you arrive for your sleep study.


When will I receive the results of my sleep study?

Please realize that test results may take two weeks or longer and the results will be mailed to your Primary Care Physician. If you need to come back for CPAP titration, you will be contacted. If you had CPAP titration, and if Dr. Ghanta saw you, you will be contacted for an appointment or CPAP will be arranged. If Dr. Ghanta did NOT see you, you need to contact your Primary Care Physician for test results and CPAP machine if needed.

If you  need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call the Permian Sleep Center:

(432) 337-5223 (432) 337-2673

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