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Disorders of arousal which include:

  •  Confusional arousals:  (Common in infants and toddlers but may be seen in adults). Infant or toddler may begin by crying and thrashing around in bed that can last up to 1/2 hour and usually ends when the agitation subsides.

  • Sleepwalking: (Commonly seen in older children) which can range from simply getting out of bed and walking around to complex actions like going to another part of the house or outdoors.

  • Sleep related eating: Eating during sleep without conscious awareness.

  • Sleep terrors:  Extreme and dramatic arousal disorder often begins with screams or shouts and extreme agitation.

Other Parasomnias:

  • Rapid eye movement, sleep behavior disorders: This is a condition a person (commonly in older men), who has incomplete or absent paralyzed muscles during REM sleep acts out dreams. Such dream related behavior can be violent and can result in injury to himself or his bed partner.

  • Bruxism:  Grinding of teeth which is very common but there is very little evidence to suggest that teeth grinding is associated with any significant medical or psychological problems.

  • Somniloquy: Sleep talking is a normal phenomenon and has no medical or physical importance.


How to Sleep Well

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