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How to sleep well................

  • Maintain a regular wake time all the time.

  • Try to go to bed only when you are drowsy.

  • If you are not drowsy and unable to fall asleep after about 20 minutes, leave your bedroom and engage in a quiet activity elsewhere. Do not sleep outside your bedroom. Return to bed when, and only when, you are sleepy. Repeat this process throughout the night as often as necessary.

  • Use your bedroom only for sleep, sex, and times of illness.

  • Avoid napping during the day.

  • Establish relaxing rituals before sleep. Examples: reading, warm bath, or a light bedtime snack.
  • Mild regular exercise at least four hours prior to bedtime.

  • A regular schedule for meals, medications, chores, and other activities help keep your inner  clock running smoothly.

  • Avoid large meals before bedtime.

  • Avoid caffeine within six hours of bedtime.

  • Avoid the use of nicotine close to bedtime or during the night.

  • Sleeping pills should be used sparingly.

  • When taking sleeping pills, do not drink alcohol.


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